Evan Sorrell
CEO, 3D artist, Webmaster

Since the age of 12, Evan has been driven to create. Starting with HTML and CSS he built websites from scratch. Eventually, graphic design, Photography, and Video production became a major part of his creative process. Finally, his passion for gaming steered him towards Game development and 3D Artistry.
Bringing us here.

Evans brainchild.

Audio Composition/Design

Macklin is a composer of many genres of music from spooky songs to happy tunes, dramatic orchestra, Lo-Fi and electronic music. Macklin has 15 years of experience playing the drums, guitar, and piano. He now creates music for various animation and gaming projects. Macklin aspires to expand his passion for music by becoming a film composer.

Creator of fine music

Mika Shea
Creative Director, Writer, Designer

Mika has written for numerous indie game projects for 3 years and counting. He idolizes writers like Michael Kirkbride and Marc Laidlaw for pushing the boundaries of cutting edge storytelling through the medium of video games. Mika is writing the dialogue and lore for Legends of Atmos as well as an untitled prologue to LoA.

Writer of epic stories