Legends of Atmos the Rise of Gaxius is a story-driven dive into a world that could be. Set in the distant future the human race has befallen numerous tragedies where we have regressed to a time not that dissimilar to that of the medieval ages. An event that occurs in the time of the story throws the world into chaos creating what appears at a glance to be magical abilities. In reality, these magical abilities are caused by rapid mutations from an unknown type of radiation that permeated the planet after a strange asteroid impacts the plant. Follow this journey as you discover the past present and future.


After years of playing some of the most amazing RPG and story-rich games, an idea slowly formed and the world of Atmos was born. Years after the initial idea, 42 pixels were created and a small team was formed to bring this world t life. Now we have the basics it is full steam ahead.


LoA Rise of Gaxius is all about the story, shying away from combat LoA seeks to entertain the player with a deep rich world full of interactive items and dialogue to captivate any player. 




Based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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About 42Pixels

At 42Pixels  we strive to bring you an immersive world for the player to experience. With a focus on developing with the community in mind we will bring an in-depth, diverse and exciting work for the player to explore. We believe that story telling is key to the enjoyment of an RPG  and wish to share our dive and passion for story telling to the world in an interactive platform.

Legands of Atmos Credits

Evan Sorrell

CEO, 3D artist, Webmaster

Mika Shea

Creative Director, Writer,  Designer


Audio Composition/Design