Past present and future

Today has been a real day for nostalgia. Old feelings and emotions from memories of an age gone. It seems to me that after a certain point in your life you realise that your once care free days of child and teen life has slipped away and those feelings will never come back again. When I was a kid growing up on a little hobby farm out in the middle

How to diffuse a blowout argument (in a way you might not think)

No relationship is perfect. Every one argues, every one annoys and every one clashes at some point. If you don’t, then I am sure you are not human! Right now my wife is pregnant and as we all know hormones are some what like a roller coaster. Up, down, led, right and hey who knows. There may even be a sideways thrown in there for good measure. The fact is

Wishing the Day Away

Wishing the day away is common, we all do it. We go to work and we wish that it was over so we can go do the things that we want to do. The down side to this is that regardless if we enjoy our work or not we are essentially wishing our life away.  Let’s look at it this way. Assuming the average life span of a human is


We all worry, it is only natural. Every day there things that happen, every day is different and every situation is unique but there is one underlying contestant. We worry. For me a daily worry no matter what is others on the road. While I have faith in my own driving ability, I do not in others. lethargy, distraction, incompetences and over confidence I believe are some of the main