Project Gate – Classic FPS

If you had not guessed it by the title alone, well this is a homage to both Stargate SG1 and the classic FPS genre. Now that the obvious has been stated, let us start from the beginning.

The Story

From day one I have been a huge fan of the Stargate series, everything from the movie all the way through the Universe, but like a lot of you folk SG1 is where it was at for me. Because of my love for this franchise, I have decided to apply my skills as a 3D artist and indie game developer to create a small but fun little classic FPS style game. I have chosen to use the still in development engine Easy FPS Editor to achieve this. The reason? Well, I already have a major title in development that is a lot more complex and in depth than what I have time for on a passion project. Long story short, I did not want to burn myself out.

And well, here we are! This is the home page of Project Gate – Classic FPS. You will be able to find updates, screenshots and eventually a download to the game when it is in a playable state. But for now, here are a few small screens of the block out phase and temporary textures.


The details

Project Gate – Classic FPS will be a classic style FPS that follows the same story as the original SG1 (for the most part). The engine has hits limitations, but we will do the best with what we have.

To do

In development

  • Texture tiles 256×256

Coming soon

  • Audio bites from original series
  • NPC sprites
  • Mp5 sprite
  • Enemy Jaffa Sprites

Get involved

If you love Startgate too and maybe even a fan of the of school FPS, then drop us a line if you think you have something to contribute to the project!

    Dev log coming soon. For now, here are some other articles!

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