Maia Coimbra

About the developer


Maia Coimbra is a single game developer who creates short fun games for everyone to play.

Some time ago my son asked me if I could make a game where he could come up with some ideas and I said yes, so I got down to work, and about two years later this is the final result.

The engine used was Game Guru Classic because of its short learning curve, I tried to create a simple game accessible to any computer with minimum gaming requirements, the game is equally fun and is divided into small missions to make it lighter.

I’m just a regular guy who decided to make an indie game.

My background of knowledge is in the graphics design area and where I have been working for years. In the remote past I had already made and participated in multimedia games, but in the First-Person Shooters World it is my first concise experience.

Pulled directly from the developer’s website for his title, Not Ready4Nam

Game Titles

Free to play: Download Here