Game Jam Submission page

Theme and outline

This year is our first game jam for Game Guru Classic and being so close to the festive season, we could not resist. In this “Game Guru Classic” Game Jam you have two weeks to create an Christmas themed FPS in Game Guru Classic with a twist. We want you all to think outside the Christmas box and create a unique Christmas FPS experience!

Now that GG Classic has graduated to 64bit and has some amazing procedurally generated skies, creating a visually stunning game should be a breeze!

There is only one simple rule to follow, the gameplay must exceed 5 minutes but be no more then 20 minutes in length. Getting your Christmas story across in this time should be a great challenge for any game dev.

To submit your game, simply use the form below and may the best Christmas Carol WIN!


First Prize

  • GraPhiX Tool Box
  • A full play through and review on the 42Pixesl YouTube Channel
  • A month-long promotion of the developer on the front page of 42Pixels

Second Prize

Third Prize

Submission form

In the form below, please add the download link for your game files for the panel to judge.