The things we do

As fathers, husbands and just straight up adults, we seem to have a hell of a lot of responsibility. On any given day in any given week as of the birth of my first son, sleeping in didn’t exist. Instead as an adult we all have to make sure that we sit out I,s and cross our t’s to make sure that the world keeps spinning for another day.

Today is no exception. My wife has gone to work and my son is with his mother (yes my son is from an old relationship) and instead of laying in and enjoying my “day off” I am sitting outside the mechanic super early because the car is playing up and needs fixing asap.

Simple as that. No matter what, we have chosen to accept this responsibility as parents and partners to do the right thing for our family’s moving forward.

So if you are ever down, struggling to figure out what has happened in your life, unsure as to why you never have any time to yourself or just feel overwhelmed by the world. Don’t forget you are not alone.

We have all made this decision, we have all decided to be in this place, wether it be an accidental pregnancy or planned. If you are still there you have made that decision to be there.

So be proud of your self, give yourself that pat on the back and don’t be afraid to reach out to the rest of us who are in the same boat.

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