Past present and future

Today has been a real day for nostalgia. Old feelings and emotions from memories of an age gone. It seems to me that after a certain point in your life you realise that your once care free days of child and teen life has slipped away and those feelings will never come back again.

When I was a kid growing up on a little hobby farm out in the middle of nowhere I would complain being so far away from my fiends and not being able to go in to the city to do anything.

What I didn’t take in at the time were those lye afternoons, light breeze blowing, sun slowly setting drinking an ice old lemonade after a scorching hot summers day. Silence, not a sound to be heard broken only by the sound of a distant car or lawnmower here and there.

Right now I remember these moments. How good they truly were, how amazing my life really was and how I neglected to take in and enjoy every one of these moments in its purest form.

I now sit here as a 36 year old father of soon to be two with the financial weight of the world on my shoulders, chores and house work up to my eyeballs and not even 5 minutes to myself .

I miss the past, I really do but now I have new memories to forge, a new life to enjoy, Although I know I will never have those feelings again because of all the responsibilities now in my life, it is my responsibility to take advantage of these new opportunities, these new memories and make these new memories just as good as the ones I remember from my past.

To wish that I could recreate these old feelings from my past is ludicrous and to think that they could be replaced is outrageous. Right now I need to cherish these moments and build on them. Fit my new memories and feelings in this growing box of amazing memories and take advantage of every moment just like I neglected in the past.

Let’s not make the same mistake twice.

efnay out

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