How to diffuse a blowout argument (in a way you might not think)

No relationship is perfect. Every one argues, every one annoys and every one clashes at some point. If you don’t, then I am sure you are not human!

Right now my wife is pregnant and as we all know hormones are some what like a roller coaster. Up, down, led, right and hey who knows. There may even be a sideways thrown in there for good measure.

The fact is that relationships that survive are because both individuals are resilient and have some what mastered the art of communication and compromise.

Now that has all been said the reason for this post is after all of the anger and frustration, all of the tears shed and moments when you are just completely over it, one of us has to concede or we would have just escalated. Now I know that this blow up was a mixture of hormones and exhaustion. I have serious back issues so often I find it difficult to sleep.

Knowing all of this and after I had cooled off I took the step and with this simple sentence I diffused the whole situation.

I don’t care what ha been said, why it started or whose fault it is. I just want you to know that I love you with all of my heart.

Then and there the all the anger, animosity, frustration and sadness melted away.

My takeaway from all of this and what I suggest to others. Don’t hold on to things that are in important, fill you with anger or upset you. Have your say, cool down and remember why you are with that person in the first place.

efnay out.

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