Wishing the day away

Wishing the day away is common, we all do it. We go to work and we wish that it was over so we can go do the things that we want to do. The down side to this is that regardless if we enjoy our work or not we are essentially wishing our life away.

Let’s look at it this way. Assuming the average life span of a human is 79 years old we spend 13 of those years working, 32 of those years in bed sleeping or trying to sleep, 11 years in front of a screen and all the other little things in between. School, eating, socialising and commuting just to name a few. Add them all up and what’s left is about 8 years of our life that we actually have to do what ever we want.

This really is not a whole lot of time in my mind and the way I see things is we spend so much of our lives wishing that we were doing something else that we forget the enjoy the moment. Right now I have just enjoyed a beautiful and healthy lunch. I have spent my lunch break enjoying food and writing (something I have found a new passion for)

And that’s it! I am keeping this short because I want you to take your face away from your screen, look up, take in the world around you. Have a few deep breaths and smile. It’s a good life and we have the choice to enjoy it.

efnay signing out.

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