Fact from fiction

One of the biggest struggles that I have with my eldest son is figure it out the truth from what he says. What I mean by this for example is that after being unwell we has realised that if he says his tummy hurts then he doesn’t have to eat his dinner. As a parent, I don’t want to force him to eat something if his tummy truly is upset but also as a parent I want him to eat all of his dinner so that he grows up big and strong!

Story time

As you can assume from the above comment I have had trouble with my son eating dinner, no matter what food it is even if he says he likes it one day he apparently doesn’t the next. Last night we had straight up chicken nuggets and chips. Now I know they are not the healthiest option for him but I would rather him eat something then nothing at all and I thought. Surely he will eat this. Wrong! Less then 5 minutest in to the meal I go it the “my tummy hurts”

Being worried about him after he has just recovered from a nasty virus I give him the benefit of the doubt and let him off eating his dinner. An hour passes and it is time for bed. He gets in to his pyjamas, cleans his teeth and climes in to bed, when I go to tuck him in he goes “Oh I forgot to eat my dinner!” So I ask him, “but didn’t you say that your tummy hurt?” To which he replies “…..yes?”

Right then and there I knew he had been lying to me to get out of eating his dinner but what can you do?


Regardless of the situation I still find it difficult to know if he he is telling the truth or he has learned to use lies and manipulation to get out of things he doesn’t want to do. The question is now, how do you deal with this? How do you move forward and teach him that it is wrong to lie and wrong to manipulate. He is only five after all.

For now this is an ongoing issue or work in progress. For any parents out there who have the same issue or maybe heaven has a solution I would love to hear it! Until then I will keep giving him the benefit of the doubt and hopefully muddle my way through to the end.

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