Near miss

You know those days where you wake up and right then and there you know you should just stay in bed? Today, well, that is one of those days. Waking up this morning was like having a huge cloud sitting just above my head and everything (and I mean everything) felt like more effort then it otherwise should be.

The Universe

The universe in its ultimate wisdom seems to have a plan for everything. Whether you believe in free will or pre destined life paths, everything seems to happen just as it should. This could simply be because we have a pre disposition to see what we want to see in a situation but in any event life does what life does and we are powerless to stop it.

Today, it seemed that I was destined to have a rough day. My mood was less then palatable for my partner, I could only see the negative in just about everything and I have absolutely no idea why. I began my morning routine as I do, forced myself through all of the ins and outs and finally began my journey to work.

Most mornings are pretty laid back cruising along the highway, listening to music and just enjoying the trip. Today however (I assume because of my state of mind) every one got in my way, people cut me off and blocked me in driving me to breaking point.

Now at this point I should mention, I was not running late, there was no actual stress to get me there faster there was just an insane need to arrive at my destination in the fastest time humanly possible. Finally I was just down the road, sitting at the front of a line waiting at the lights and lost in my own thought. All of a sudden I hear a beep behind me and realise that the light had been green some time I was just too wrapped up in my own thought to notice. Moved into the intersection and then out of nowhere a truck comes flying through a red light narrowly missing me.

My life flashed before my eyes, my whole body started to shake and I had no idea how I had not seen that coming. If I had have been paying attention I would have been T-boned by that truck, most likely killing me on the spot.

Was it fate?

Honestly, I don‘t know. Do I have some purpose that I have yet to for fill or was I just stupidly lucky in that moment. All I know is that from this experience I have learned that every moment really does count. We need to take life by the horns and make every day the best that it can be no matter what the situation. Hold the one you love, let them know how much they mean to you and enjoy the time that you have.

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