Becoming a dad… Again…

No joke! For some strange reason I decided that this was something I wanted to do all over again. As of right now I am 5 years in to the world of being a dad and really, what’s one more?

~ On a side note, my child is not a devil he just never wanted to sleep!

The tribe

My first born was a little boy, now having a boy I had my fingers crossed that the second would be a girl. The universe being what it is, this was an unrealistic expectation! The universe works in mysterious ways and for me the universe has surrounded me with boys!

My wife, the only female in the family surrounded by one and soon to be two son’s 3 male birds and 2 male dogs. Other then mumma bear we are a tribe of blokes the lot of us.

What should I expect?

You would think having already having one son that I would have an idea of what I am in for but you know what, it could not be further from the truth.

If it is one thing that I have learned since becoming a father is that no one really knows what will happen, how it will go or how it will turn out! Life as a parent is always changing, every child is different and requires different parenting approaches. There is no cookie cutter preset to raise your children.

The best that we can do in this life is ensure that our kids feel loved, are fed, well educated and have a cracking sense of humour. The reasoning for the last one you ask? Life is hard, this world is hard, they will come up against obstacles every day and from what I can see? Well. Being able to look at a situation that could potentially be bad and have a laugh (where appropriate) can mean the difference between having a breakdown and getting through.

We as parents can’t save our children from this world as much as we want to but we can give them the tools and guide them to navigate and succeed on their own.


There is no conclusion. Like is written, life is a journey. How can we prepare for a journey that we have no idea where it will go or when it will end? Best thing we can do? Adapt to the situation, enjoy every moment we have and live life to the fullest.

Wait. That was a conclusion? Well how about that.

efnay signing out.

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