When the world changed.

Let’s start off by covering the basics. Everyone knows about the pandemic, how could you not? Since the original outbreak, a lot of people have died. This changes the world, changes how we think, how we act, and how we live. I am lucky, my little corner of the world has been relatively unaffected. I still work a normal job, have access to food, health services, and anything else I could need. That being said I have a baby on the way, this makes me so much more cautious moving forward.

Where I’m at

As I said, we have been relatively unaffected here. We haven’t had a case in months and watching the world as it struggles to cope makes you feel helpless. As of now, I still work full-time. I have no issues with my day-to-day living and we don’t even have to wear masks. This alone lulls you into a false sense of security. I fear if an outbreak did occur here, we would be vastly unprepared.

With this in mind I am torn between trying to love a normal life and plan for the future or prepare for the worst just in case. The real question is what do you do?

Where am I going?

That is a hard question to answer. I work my job Monday to Friday, I raise my child with a second on the way and I save for a house while planning for a future. This is what it was like post Covid19 and it’s hard to see any difference while I live in such a secluded state.

All that on the table, I suppose right now it is business as usual. until things change in the future I have no choice but to follow the current social state, jumping through the same old hoops that the banks and government provide while keeping in the back of my mind that everything could change in a heartbeat.

Final note

There is too much going on in the world to unpack right now, I suggest we all do our best and play the game our governments have laid out before us and stay as safe as we possibly can. Life is different now, and I am sure it will never be the same.

Efnay Signing off

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