The forbidden doughnut.

I said to myself I would never do it, but here we are. Now that the dust has settled from work place injury, moving house, starting a new job and planning for a wedding I can breathe easy.

Recently I made the decision to finally start learning 3D, this is something I enjoyed in high school but never followed up on in any serious way.

That being said the free tools that are available now were only in there early development stage and at that point I had little to no focus or patients.

Something about becoming a parent has improved me in those areas though and now I think I am mature enough and focused enough to have a really go at it.

And, well, that brings me to the forbidden doughnut. I have seen this tutorial around for a long time by blender guru, it has even been re made in more detail since the first release.

As much as I told myself no I’ll learn my own way, this was never going to happen so I sucked it up and well, here are the results!

The blob phase
A touch of colour
Don’t forget the sprinkles
Add a cup and table top final render

And yes, I know it looks like every other one that followed the tutorial from beginning to end but isn’t that the point?

Moving forward I see that this was actually a really well thought out and executed tutorial that anyone with half a brain can follow.

So ultimately, I’m happy. The result is good, I learned a lot and I will end ever to learn every more. Stay tuned!

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