May 2021

Becoming a dad… Again…

No joke! For some strange reason I decided that this was something I wanted to do all over again. As of right now I am 5 years in to the world of being a dad and really, what’s one more? ~ On a side note, my child is not a devil he just never wanted to sleep! The tribe My first born was a little boy, now having a boy

When the world changed.

Let’s start off by covering the basics. Everyone knows about the pandemic, how could you not? Since the original outbreak, a lot of people have died. This changes the world, changes how we think, how we act, and how we live. I am lucky, my little corner of the world has been relatively unaffected. I still work a normal job, have access to food, health services, and anything else I

The forbidden doughnut.

I said to myself I would never do it, but here we are. Now that the dust has settled from work place injury, moving house, starting a new job and planning for a wedding I can breathe easy. Recently I made the decision to finally start learning 3D, this is something I enjoyed in high school but never followed up on in any serious way. That being said the free