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Atmos isle
This is the island of Atmos where your story unfolds

Atmos an island nation with a large volcano in the centre (Balagan), this land is home to the Trensea (race of humans) A beautiful island nation until the events preceding the 3153IE. Now a wasteland of mutations and the undead.

Your story

You are the illegitimate son to the high priest Gaxius advisor of the king. When he discovered that you existed he formed a plot to have you killed. Unknown to Gaxius, you survived his assassination attempt but took a severe blow to the head causing you to lose your memory. Now with no memory of your past life, you must travel Atmos and rediscover who you are.


Development progress can be followed on both this wiki via the devlog and also the 42pixels YouTube Channel. The development of Atmos is primarily a one man dev team at this time with contributions from other creators to help speed along the process.

Team members

42Pixels (Evan) Founder of 42 pixels & Mastermind of Atmos.

Macklin Music and sound effects.

Krovjaznik Music and sound effects.