I am a 3D artist specializing in semi realistic low-poly game assets. Australian born and raised I love the art of 3D modeling, creating something unique from nothing.

The software I use is primarily Blender and Quixel mixer and have created game assets for a number of indie game tiles still in production. I also am working on models for my own game in Development Legends of Atmos.

Other then 3D animation I am a skilled videographer and photographer with over 20 years experience. Although these are both hobbies I have worked for a number of YouTube channels and even created music videos for well known artists.

I am a scifi nerd, gamer geek, photographer and wannabe videogrpaher.
My first memory of playing a game was commander keen, I would sit on my fathers lap at an early age and mash buttons to try and make Keen move. It was one of my fondest memories.

I am a well rounded individual capable of working diligently by myself or in a team and love to work with other creative minds to produce some truly amazing things.


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